Coldean : Have your say... / by Ian Bailey

On March 28th Ian of Studio Sevens and Dot from Brighton and Hove Community Land Trust (BHCLT) facilitated a community meeting at the New Larches café. The aim was to get locals together to have their say about the area, in particular looking at all the good things about the neighbourhood and community and how they’d like to see it develop. Around 30 people came along to share their views and ideas and facilitate a robust and broad ranging discussion that encompassed local woodland and trees, access, community & sports facilities, noise, services, affordable housing and much more besides.

HYS discussion.jpg

By breaking into small groups and with Ian & Dot facilitating constructive discussion each table of people sketched out their positives, negatives and ideas for the community. This then generated a collated list of ideas to consider and develop together, the most popular idea to come forward being a community centre / sports hub that could serve the neighbourhood and provide multiple services.


Studio Sevens and Brighton & Hove Community Land Trust will be hosting a second meeting in the next few months to follow up on these ideas and turn them into proposals that can be taken forward by the community.