Radical Futures Housing Forum - 27th September 2018 by Ian Bailey

Ian had the privilege of speaking at the 3rd University of Brighton Housing Forum meeting on 27th September. As a part of a panel of four speakers including Luis Diaz & Michael Howe (UoB) and Lisa Hartley of Sealsalt Student Cooperative, Ian presented a brief overview of his vision for community led development being the only viable alternative framework for providing affordable housing. Starting with the existing developer led or top down development methods Ian expanded his views on how a community led approach increases engagement, viability, flexibility and local cohesiveness as well as reducing risk and enhancing health and well being.

Citing the Doughnut Economics model by Kate Raworth and her 7 principles for thinking like a 21st Century Economist Ian outlined how we should be thinking differently about housing development in general. Ian also suggested that the use of community land trusts is only one part of a larger approach to developing better housing stating that Community Engagement, Enlightenment and Empowerment (EEE) followed up with viable Shared Financial Systems (SFS) are the other components necessary.

Studio Sevens work in Coldean with the community featured throughout the presentation along with an expression of our continued desire to work out how to develop the EEE and SFS stages into a more coherent and accessible package for communities to facilitate communities moving forward more easily.

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