Doing Architectural education differently by Ian Bailey

***Originally posted 15/03/2013***

After all my ranting and raving for my DRS I ended up writing a more ‘balanced’ paper according to my tutor, seeing as getting marks was the aim of the exercise i figured I’d better tone it down! Because I went to quite a lot of effort to format it nicely I’m loading it up as a series of images of the pages, sorry if that’s annoying but I simply don’t have the time nor patience to re-format again!

DRS 001.jpg
DRS 002.jpg
DRS 003.jpg
DRS 004.jpg
DRS 005.jpg
DRS 006.jpg
DRS 007.jpg
DRS 008.jpg
DRS 009.jpg
DRS 010.jpg
DRS 011.jpg
DRS 012.jpg
DRS 013.jpg
DRS 014.jpg
DRS 015.jpg
DRS 017.jpg
DRS 018.jpg
DRS 019.jpg
DRS 020.jpg
DRS 021.jpg
DRS 022.jpg